Behaviour Grooms

Some dogs are scared of certain aspects of the grooming process and this is where we can try and help.  We will work with your dog to gain their confidence and build up their trust with ourselves to help them overcome their fears.  We have access to our on site Dog Trainer who can work alongside us.  Behaviour sessions are kept to short sessions and ideally weekly to work with your dog but this may be a long process and will require you to help do some work with the dog at home as well.  All methods are forcefree and done at your dogs pace.

For further information or if you want to have a chat about your dog give us a call to discuss, all behaviour grooms will require a free 15 minute consultation to discuss and meet your dog prior to work out what they require.

Prices start from £8 per 20 minute session

If your wanting to book or have an enquire please send us a message through our contact us page or give us a call to discuss further.