Puppy Pamper Package

Puppy grooms are highly recommended to get your puppy used to the grooming process and salon equipment before they require a full groom when there older.  We recommend that they come for the puppy pamper package and start the process as young as possible, ideally from as soon as they have their first vaccinations done. This will help them to accept everything and be comfortable with the salon environment before their first full groom.  Its useful for any breed of dog to get used to a professional grooming salon even short haired dogs will need some treatments at some point in their lives.

Puppy grooms are available for all dogs under 6 months of age.  

Prices for the Puppy Pamper Package start at £40

What does the Puppy Pamper Package Include

For the first visit your puppy will get to know the groomer working with them, the groomer will give them a brush and start the process of get them used to hearing the sounds of the equipment.  If the puppy is ok then this may include a face and hygiene trim and of course lots of fuss and snuggles with the groomer to create positive reinforcement and develop a bond.

On the second visit the dog will experience some more sights and sounds of the salon including the noise of the dryers.  Again with lots of positive reinforcement and cuddles from the groomers.

This session you pup will get a bath in a special puppy shampoo and blow dry and mini groom which includes a face, feet and hygiene trim if needed, nails clipped and a spritz of cologne.  They will be given a 10% off voucher valid for a period of time to use against there first full groom.