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  1. Mini Groom

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    Why not book for dog in for a mini groom and bath between full grooms

    If you do this within 4 weeks of a full groom you can get this done at a discounted price

    Small Dogs - from £10

    Medium Dogs - from £15

    Large Dogs - from £20

    Ask more for details 


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    Take £5 off the price of your bath, blowdry & mini groom this month.

    Mini groom offer includes bath and blow dry, face, feet and hygiene area trimming and nails clipped.

    Pay just £10 for a small dog, £15 for a medium dog & £20 a large dog!

    Normal price is £15 for a small dog, £20 for a medium dog and £25 for a large dog

    PM or call us on 07842 833310 to book

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  3. January Mini Groom Offer

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    ????Happy New Year from all the staff at Noah's Ark Dog Grooming????

    ⭐⭐January Offer!⭐⭐

    To celebrate the new year we will having offering a mini groom offer for January
    This is perfect for this cold weather when your dog's not quite ready for a full cut but could do with their face, feet, nails clipping and hygiene area trimming 
    Price start at: 
    £12 small dogs 
    £15 medium dogs
    £20 large dogs
    PM or call us on 07842833310 to book

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